POS Scan Data Solution

Altria Scan Data Provider

If you sell tobacco products in your grocery or convenience store, you can earn commissions and offer lower prices by participating in manufacturer scan data programs. to gather accurate data about the products you sell so you can stock products that will sell well in amounts that won’t garner losses. The best way to gather this data is to integrate it into your point-of-sale system.

At J Bailey Inc, we offer point-of-sale (POS) solutions for scan data reporting, integrated payment processing, age verification, and a variety of add-ons. Whether you want to reward your customers’ loyalty or get a readout on sales for a specific product, like a scan data report for Altria, contact us.

Convenient and Powerful Loyalty Reporting

Our scan data reporting POS System can save you time and effort submitting scan data. We create and submit the weekly scan files for you so you can focus on making sales rather than figuring out the back end. We are often asked if your POS “does Loyalty”. The answer is yes and more! Retail Management Hero (RMH) allows you to track sales by customer, and that information is included in your weekly file submission. This meets current Loyalty requirements.

RMH includes additional Loyalty features which will give you the ability to handle future Loyalty requirements or to create your own Loyalty program. RMH Loyalty allows you to create flexible customer loyalty scenarios involving various types of loyalty points and rewards. Choose from redemption methods such as Dollar Discounts, Percent Discounts, Dollar Coupons, Percent Coupons, Offset Rewards, Offset Coupons, and Reward Items. Customers can participate in multiple store loyalty programs.

With our comprehensive scan data and Loyalty, you reward your customers with lower prices and earn repeat business. Plus, our affordable prices allow us to maximize value, providing our services at a cost that won’t eat away your profits.

Although this may all seem like an extra step, you can actually increase your profits when you combine the commissions from Philip Morris Altria Scan Data, and RJ Reynolds Tobacco, and the increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Age Verification

The Age Verification Method” is currently an optional field and may in the future be required for scan data. Regardless, responsible retailers protect themselves and their customers by using a POS that includes Age Verification. We offer Age Verification software with RMH.

Years of Experience

At J Bailey Inc, we are proud of our 20+ years of experience in retail sales. Because of the many years we’ve spent in the field, we provide an extra level of competence in all our services. We know exactly what data and POS services you need because we’ve been on the other side of the transaction.

To learn more about how scan data or our POS solutions can benefit you, give us a call at (228) 348-1719.