About J Bailey Company

We started in 2002 as a small value-added reseller (VAR) with the simple idea of helping independent retailers become more successful. Over the decades we have grown with, and because of, our customers. J Bailey & Company has an unwavering commitment to bringing value to our customers, the independent retailer community.

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At J Bailey Company, our purpose is to enhance the business success of independent merchants operating single stores, and small store chains. From modern Point Of Sale technology, integrated payment processing to powerful reporting – J Bailey Company empowers merchants and the entire retail enterprise to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

Serving our customers and communities

We are committed to consistently delivering value-added services to our customers with the highest level of quality. As a small company, we proudly champion the importance of personal “one-to-one” interaction with our customers. Our passion is to continually strive for excellence in our products, and our service.

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