RMH Central is the fully integrated headquarters solution that configures, manages and reports on the Retail Management Hero (RMH POS) Stores. It enables small-to-large retailers in a variety of vertical markets to process and report on the RMH POS System at each store, and in-store functions in a multi-store environment. This means that all stores in the retail enterprise running RMH POS System can automatically communicate back up to the headquarters office everything from store configuration and customer accounts, to sales, pricing and inventory information on a daily basis. Retailers can trust that all data transfers are fast, secure and reliable, and also leverage.

Enterprise Data Management

Control and manage enterprise-wide menus like Items, Department/Category, Pricing, Discounts, Tender type and so on. Use RMH Central Manager to create, manage data to specific RMH POS stores. For example, you can choose to have a few items and related information available at selected stores.

Enterprise Data Visibility

The best available server-client technology used so that the data between RMH Central and RMH POS System Store exchanged almost instantly. Empowers you to have an ability for in-depth knowledge of data across the enterprises within seconds.

Enterprise Customer Information

Customers created or updated at one store are almost instantly available throughout the enterprise. Customer credit and balance, as well as open accounts receivable, are available at all stores.

Enterprise Reporting

Comprehensive analytics are available based on an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server database. RMH Central reporting enables both deeper insights and a wider view of your retail environment.