Customer Loyalty

RMH Customer Loyalty software allows retailers to create one or more Loyalty Program. There may be multiple customer loyalty programs active at the same time and applying to different item categories, customers, etc. A customer may be collecting and redeeming the loyalty value on multiple programs simultaneously. For example, in a pet supply store the customer is participating in three separate customer loyalty programs: collecting “quantity points” for two separate “buy 10 get 1 free” loyalty programs, and a “price points” loyalty for accessories. View a video clip demo of RMH Loyalty.

RMH Customer Loyalty

RMH Customer Loyalty

RMH POS can look up a customer account by various criteria, including the account number, name, address, phone number, email address, etc. It also allows using customer aliases (unique numbers alternatively designating the customer account). Therefore, if a retail store prefers using customer loyalty cards, the card number could be associated with the customer account as an alias, after which the card could simply be scanned or swiped during the POS transaction in order to add the account to the transaction. View the RMH Loyalty User Guide


The Customer Management tab in RMH Loyalty Manager allows to manually adjust customer points, or even set up a customer on a loyalty program or remove from a program. After selecting a customer, you can manually add to or remove the points from any loyalty program the customer is participating. You can also enroll a customer into a new program or remove the customer from a program. Typically, enrolling usually happens automatically at the register checkout and does not require manual enrolling.


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